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Nathan Hickman

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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my lifestyle blog about achieving balance in your everyday life. I am passionate about helping people understand the value of their time and how they can accomplish more in less time through intentional thinking or through delegating tasks to a company like TaskPro. Either way, it’s important to find a way to be still, be free, be content and enjoy the important things in life like friends and family. I’m here to help and to be a resource for how you can achieve this.

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In Darkness, We Will Remember Your Light.

Today’s blog is a message of hope. This week will mark the 1st anniversary of my brother, Chad’s, passing (read Chad’s story here). It comes with obvious sadness, but it also brings with it memories of why Chad was truly special. He never lost hope. He understood that he controlled his own destiny. Every day that was a struggle, Chad had hope that tomorrow would be better than today, and the day after that would be even better, yet. Hope allows us to get through life’s ups and downs. None of us are immune from falling on hard times. If we zoom in on a particular moment in our life, it can look like a tragedy. The beauty is when we pan out, our view is often much different. If we look through a wide enough lens, our life really is full of excitement, laughter, and passion. Those of us who never give up hope manage the ebbs and flows of life much easier, because (like Chad) we can see beyond the challenges of the moment and realize that life – in its totality – truly is amazing. So, no matter what life throws at you, please never give up hope. The next coffee date you have or stranger you meet, may be just the spark you need. When you least expect it, something as simple as a conversation with the right person may completely change your perspective. As January 16, 2015 arrives, let’s honor Chad Hickman by remembering that, although today may be tough and the thought of tomorrow may be scary, if we remain hopeful, our life has a chance of turning around at any moment. And, in that moment we’ll see things with greater clarity and it will bring the beauty and passion back in to our lives. So, remember, just because something is not happening in your life now, doesn’t mean that it never will. Just have hope.

Dear Chad, your life may have been shorter than expected, but your impact was profound and long-lasting. Thank you for teaching us how to live our best life. Your struggles and sacrifices have brought strength to an entire community. May your legacy live on forever.  


Nathan Hickman, Founder

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