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Appointment scheduling

Home organization/de-cluttering

Garage organization/de-cluttering

Vacation planning/travel research

Arrangement of home services

Internet searches & price comparison

Holiday preparation

Accommodation/entertainment arrangements for out-of-town guests

Waiting Services


Package delivery

Appliance/computer repairs


Grocery shopping

Post office runs

Dry-cleaning pick-up/ drop-off

Mommy help

Gift shopping/returns

Moving Services

Arrangements with moving company

Unpack & organize

Setting up in-home services (cable, security, utilities, pest control, etc)

Cleaning Services

Routine residential cleaning

Comprehensive vacancy cleaning before or after moving

Comprehensive residential cleaning/Spring cleaning

Vacancy cleaning for property management companies

Garage cleaning


Performed weekly or biweekly

Checks for issues/addresses needs if there are problems found (furnace out, leaks, etc)

Working with Realtors

Helping your clients get their home ready to sell with comprehensive cleaning and organizing services

Helping buyers and sellers with packing, unpacking, and coordinating moving services

Helping coordinate the home-selling to-do list before listing

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